Hello FLY Friends! 

Welcome to F.L.Y. Wellness. The F.L.Y. In FLY Wellness stands for First Love Yourself!! What do you think of that? I believe it’s a fabulous idea. 

Most of us in our day to day (which become weeks, months and years), forget about ourselves. We have children, spouses, careers, households, and the occasional gerbil thrown into our life mix. How can there possibly be time in there just for YOU?

You have to decide to MAKE time. This can be challenging. Excuses are made. “I’m too busy” is classic. When you make this excuse your questions should become “Am I too busy for my health, well being, and sanity?”, “Can I be the best to everyone and everything when I’m running on empty?”

Now, let’s talk about hours. There are 1344 hours in 8 weeks (the length of my “Get IT Done” winter session 😁). There are 16, one hour classes over these 8 weeks. This is a 1.19% time commitment for YOURSELF. 

Do you think YOU deserve 1.19% just for YOU?? I definitely do.

The F.L.Y. Wellness “Get IT Done” 2019 winter session commences Monday January 7th. The details are as follows…

! January 7th – March 4th. Mondays/Thursdays 5:30pm.

! Classes will be indoors unless its beautiful outside😁🤞🏼.

! The format will be bootcamp style incorporating different types of equipment. There will also be partner workouts, HIIT, tabata, circuit, stretching, and yoga.

! You will sweat.

! You will have fun.

! You will be doing something just for YOU.

! You will be a part of an amazing community of like-minded people.

I currently have 3 part-time spots (9 classes or less) and 8 full-time spots (10 classes or more) available. 

To register,  fill out your Par-Q form. For questions please email me at tanyapischke@flywellness.net.

Happy day, Merry Christmas, and First Love Yourself!! 


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